Jake Regenwetter

Jake als Solist

Mit 7 Jahren bereits so eifrig und selbstbewusst ans Werk zu gehen setzt eine ausgezeichnete Begabung voraus.

Jake als Dichter

Auch sein Gedicht, das er auf vom Kehrer aufgetragen wurde zeigt in welche außergewöhnlichen Gefühlswelt Jake lebt. Als Grossvater bin ich sehr stolz auf ihn.  


Jake befindet sich im 2ten Schuljahr.

The fall leaves are falling. What should I do?

Maybe I should tape them to an igloo.

The fall leaves are failing, failing to the ground.

They will make a nice crunching sound.

I’m going to play with my leaves all day, Until my leaves have blown away.

Oh my, what a special event!

Well, that might not be just what I meant.

For fall leaves can be very plain,

Even more than a big train!

But, I really like them anyway,

So I ask, “Fall leaves, can you stay?”

But OH NO! No they cannot,

for some say summer is too hot,

And some say that winter is cold,

for they could maybe turn to mold,

Silly fall leaves – what a bore,

I won’t play with them anymore.

I mean, I could play with my brother,

Or my very best friend’s mother,

But they would just let me win,

So I’ll put them in the dust bin,

And I’ll play with my leaves today,

I’ll play with them without delay,

For if I don’t, then they’ll cry,

I don’t like to see – Oh my!

They are being nice to me,

So what I do – I set them free!

But first – “Fall leaves, may

I tell you something I meant to say,

Can I tell you – can it be

That I can set very free?

“Yes, and now you go away,

For we do never want to stay!”

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There once was a tall girl named Jill

Who lived in a hole in a hill!

Jill was plain crazy

Constantly lazy

So zero people liked her, nil.


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On Feb 22, 2013, at 11:35 AM, Regenwetter Henri <regenwet@pt.lu> wrote:

Very nice and here one of mine


There once was a smiling baby

Who played with her mother’s handy.

While trying to be a great lady

She ordered some bottles of brandy.





>> mail reply Jake


Hahaha! I love it!!!